Loriani Speech Therapy provides in-home and in-clinic professional services, as well as teletherapy to the pediatric and adult population. Our goal is to provide high quality services to our clients and their families and to empower clients to achieve their fullest potential.


We work with clients across the Autism spectrum in different ways to coordinate the mechanics of speech with the meaning and social use of language. We set goals with our patients that may include learning nonverbal social cues and understanding and using appropriate spoken language in varied contexts.


We have articulation therapy for our patients with functional and motor-based issues. Our articulation therapy approaches each sound deviation and aims to correct production of sound.

Language Delay Disorders

We design a variety of language development practices that are specific to the child, that help break down barriers that arise from the child’s difficulty to communicate.  We include parents in the therapy process and show parents how to help their children expand language in natural settings.


Our stuttering therapy identifies the root cause of the stutter and provides a form of therapy built around setting short term goals in hopes of eventually reaching the big goal – to be able to manage the stutter.

Cognitive Therapy for Adults

We provide comfort and assist every one of our clients in maintaining and regaining their communication skills after stroke or when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, traumatic brain injury, etc. We assist clients and their families with development of compensatory strategies to enhance communication and overall quality of life.

Pragmatic Language/Social Skills

Our social skills therapy teaches patients about the verbal as well as nonverbal behaviors involved in social interactions in order to prevent social isolation and future psychological issues.

Phonological Disorders

Our Phonological treatments target a group of sounds with similar error patterns. Our approach helps the child internalize phonological rules.